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Today’s ‘age of uncertainty’ is placing new demands on MoD and defence suppliers; MoD is a hugely complex organisation, spanning many geographies and business units, and facing radical changes in the way its services are deployed; Defence companies are being forced to deliver greater efficiencies, restructuring and rationalisation in the way they do business.

For many defence companies, which have already seen their traditional contract base shrinking, recent government statements may also signal a new way of working: within a more competitive, international, ‘open’ market, with a focus on ‘off-the-shelf’ rather than ‘custom-built’. Will their existing IT estate support this new model? If not, where should defence suppliers be investing in IT and infrastructure to best meet their contractual obligations, while at the same time achieving corporate goals and shareholder expectations?

The term that is most commonly heard is a need for ‘transformation’. But, defence companies are faced with the dilemma of transforming themselves and delivering modernisation and increased agility, while operating within ever tighter budgetary constraints. Reply can help

Innovating to meet the needs of future defence information services

In IT terms, defence companies share many of the challenges facing other organisations:old technology and often unsustainable platforms; the persistence of a complex web of systems, containing a mix of bespoke and off-the-shelf, and including legacy; a multiplicity of support arrangements: and multiple interfaces connecting everything together. This situation brings knock-on effects with each change needed to meet new requirements and the introduction of new applications can be problematic.

Experiencing strong demand for its technology and architecture services, Reply continues to innovate to meet the needs of defence sector companies seeking to transform. Reply has gained breadth and depth of experience in the UK Defence sector, in particular in working with MoD Logistics, and has built up a reputation for leveraging best practice technical and business consulting expertise and methodologies.

A unique combination of architecture, integration, data and technology know-how enables Reply to provide defence organisations with a clear blueprint for the future, empowering them by enabling improved management and control over operations, a more effective portfolio planning capability and the flexibility needed to react to change quickly.

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Enabling Defence Transformation

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