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Financial Institutions are facing a great number of challenges that need to be tackled in parallel. They have to establish deep and enduring relationships with their customers, whilst having to keep their product portfolios up to date, deal with reporting and risk management complexities and ensure that they have accurate and timely information upon which critical business decisions can be made.

Reply offers support for mission critical activities where innovation and thought leadership are critical factors of success

There are many challenges in the Financial Services industry and Reply is not only fully aware of these, but also aware of how to deliver best practice within the context of the Financial Services environment. Reply engagements with the Financial Services sector span everything from short focused initiatives to longer term Programs such as the delivery of a managed service. Reply has extensive experience in the Financial Services sector, including areas such as Retail and Investment Banking, and Insurance.

In particular, Avantage Reply, a pan-European specialised management consultancy, assists the Risk, Finance (Capital Management and Regulatory Reporting) and Treasury functions in implementing change initiatives resulting from strategic and business initiatives and/or new regulatory developments. Services span four broad disciplines:

  • Organisation and Governance
  • Business Processes and People
  • Data and Systems
  • Analytics and Management Information

avantage’s delivery capabilities cover advisory services (Risk/Finance/Treasury Subject Matter Expertise), Program and Project Management, Business, Functional, and Data Analysis. avantage has been Headquartered in London since 2004 and has nine offices across Europe. The company employs 150 management consultants.

Reply helps Banking and Insurance companies implement solutions that help optimise their core business. Focussing on a substantial improvement in information asset efficiency, Reply provides services and consulting expertise governing processes, development, applications and technologies such as SOA architecture, Cloud Computing and SaaS.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Risk, Finance (Capital Management and Regulatory Reporting) and Treasury. Reply's clients are large international financial institutions as well as specialised financial services BUs within international groups. Read more

Case Study


AXA UK wished to move to an SOA model in an incremental manner and required from Reply a phased approach as they progressed towards SOA.

Best Practice

Social Media in Financial Services

This report is based on a preliminary online survey conducted by Glue Reply across a range of UK-based financial services institutions from credit card companies, to banks and insurance companies. The objective is to cast light on the ‘state of thinking’ about social media in UK financial services.