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Being an effective business means being flexible to meet new challenges and agile enough to mobilise and exploit new opportunities before your competitors. This is particularly true in the retail sector, where the ability to reach out to the customer across multiple channels has been made possible by huge developments in technology and mobile/digital communications over the last years. The challenge for retailers today is to continually meet and shape consumer expectations when the customer has full control of when and where they make their purchasing decision (at home, online or on the go) and whom they choose to involve in that decision.

This new way of buying has also demanded a total transformation of the end-to-end supply chain. And underpinning all of this innovation, the retailer must have an enterprise architecture that will handle the changes needed to meet fast-changing business requirements. The ability to call upon experienced enterprise and solution architects and combine this with a fundamental understanding of retail is of growing importance.

Reply: Adding Value throughout the Retail Life Cycle

As a result of its many projects for some of Europe’s most prominent retailers, Reply is in a unique position to anticipate and address the developments in the retail market, using new business models and new technologies. Reply’s consultants will add value at all stages of the retail operation:

  • Complete retail life cycle
    (Plan, buy, move, sell...lead and support the enterprise)
  • End-to-End consumer supply chain
    (Designer to consumer)
  • Adding business value to all functions
    (Planning, buying, merchandising, logistics, store operations, eCommerce, Business Intelligence)
  • Involvement at all stages
    (Select, implement, integrate, exploit best technologies for retail solutions)
  • The strategic and the immediate
    (From five year roadmaps to iPhone apps)

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Retail focus

It’s not about the Channel, it’s about the Conversation!
A new approach to Multichannel for Retail.

At Reply, we are passionate about retail and our solutions are driven by three simple principles; Keep it simple, drive value, and execute well. Three principles that are at the heart of Retail...

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Iceland Food

Portaltech Reply provided Iceland Foods with a full end-to-end service, including software licensing, implementation, customisation and ongoing management of the platform.

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Reply provides a versatile and reactive approach to eCommerce and trading for the business, managing projects with ease and reducing overall cost.