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In recent years high content availability, interactivity and social networking tools have captured the imagination of a new generation of users who are eschewing multimedia products and traditional TV in favour of solutions geared specifically towards the new digital devices.

With the requirement for an immediate and gratifying user experience as a catalyst, devices and applications are becoming increasingly integrated, creating a digital ‘universe’, that is more and more connected. This means that the Telco and Media sector is undergoing considerable change, as operators rapidly transform themselves from suppliers of connectivity to providers of innovative services and digital contents.

Telcos are increasingly seen as effective partners for media and other companies looking to increase contacts with their customers and improve the level of communication with them. Telcos have a new opportunity: to provide value-added services, directly or provided by third parties, which can be accessed ‘any time, any place, anywhere’ and from any device. The challenge in seizing this opportunity is to enable the convergence of the processes and infrastructures required to support it.

Providing Support for Transformation

Reply supports operators going through the transformation experience with their process and service integration across two key fields: Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operation Support Systems (OSS); both areas which are experiencing a continual demand for cost cutting.

Reply also addresses the challenges posed by the ever-increasing diversity of the latest devices, along with the exponential growth of Social Networks and directly generated user content.

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Business/Operation Support Systems:
Reply is a reference partner to Service Providers who need to move to NGOSS (New Generation Operations Systems and Software) leveraging to best of breed technology with a special focus on Service Level Agreement (SLA), Customer Experience Management (CEM), Inventory, Service Provisioning & Activation, Service Assurance and Service Delivery. Read more