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Does everyone in your company have the information they need to do their job to the optimal level and maximum efficiency? Is your CEO making decisions based on ‘right-time’ information? Data underpins every operational and planning decision your company makes. If your data is wrong; your business decisions could be wrong. The problem is that the volume of data is growing at an exponential rate, fuelled by such phenomena as employee and customer ‘self-service’, social media and automated trading. This creates major problems in ensuring the reliability of the data on which business intelligence (BI) is based.

Reply recognises that effective data management and the provision of information to support ‘right time’ decision making go hand in hand; timely, accurate, understandable data is vital for effective decision making.

Addressing the BI challenge

BI starts with the data acquisition process and includes the use of this data as the basis for decision-making in specialist tasks and strategic planning. The ability to manage and exploit data assets is a key differentiator for companies today, so there has never been a more important time to address data management and maximise information exploitation. Regrettably, data has too often been treated as the poor relation of the IT world and has suffered from short-term workarounds and fixes when problems occur.

Resolution of the BI challenge means addressing two areas: firstly, organisations need sophisticated reporting and BI tools to make the most of available data; but equally important to an effective BI solution is an effective data services infrastructure. In short, to provide high quality BI you need high quality data; and it is only worth having high quality data if you are exploiting it through your BI. Reply can enable you to address this conundrum.

Reply’s consultants are experienced in all aspects of data, information and business intelligence architecture, organisation, governance and execution. Taking a pragmatic approach, they provide support to companies preparing for and implementing goal-based Business Intelligence and Data Services applications, across industry.

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The problem for modern business is that the volume of data is growing at an exponential rate. Managing data becomes a big challenge and is the key to business advantage.

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Data ‘happens’. It used to be confined within our firewalls and systems but now it is ‘happening’ everywhere. It is a small word with big ramifications; the visible tip of a sprawling, submerged iceberg. It is an area which has been complicated in the past by too many words and unhelpful definitions.