Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is the latest phenomenon to shape the evolution of IT systems. Reply works with clients to ensure that they are ‘cloud-ready’. Reply and cloud computing: the power of the internet and a pay-per-use model

Within the many new propositions being offered under the cloud computing banner, Reply has identified its role as being twofold: a service and technology provider, and a solution and service integration enabler. With this focus, Reply can best support clients in the implementation of the innovative, internal processes required by the conversion to cloud computing applications, infrastructures and traditional software environments.

Using cloud computing, companies are able to set up IT as a service, with the ability to model and organise their current IT systems to provide the following:

  • Improved service: the provision of ‘self-service’ with on-demand management services;
  • Scalability and flexibility: an effectively ‘limitless’ capacity and power for the user, delivered as and when they need it;
  • Allocation of resources to benefit from economies of scale: in other words, the ability to provide services to a greater number of users, while being able to adjust the assignment of resources dynamically, to reflect demand;
  • Internet technology usage: using the Internet as a unique channel for communication, distribution and access to resources and services;
  • Service metering: monitoring the usage of services offered to calculate costs on a pay-per-use basis.

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Information Security

Cloud Control

Information security is essential to any Cloud initiative and should not be viewed as a necessary evil nor simply a firewall issue. As data services and technology evolve, careful steps must be taken to ensure that integration and security are not compromised.

SCM as a Service

SideUp Reply™
SideUp Reply

SideUp Reply™ is a Cloud Computing suite for warehouse and inventory management, transportation-based cross-docking, vehicle optimisation and "track and trace" services. A key focus is the operational efficiency in the distribution of products to the final customer or retail outlets.

Oracle Exadata & Exalogic

Exalab in Action
SideUp Reply

Technology Reply, a Reply Group company specialising in Oracle technologies, inaugurated the skills centre for Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud  solutions - Enterprise producs for grids and private clouds.