For many companies, the evolution of multichannel retailing has resulted in fragmented operations leading to a poor user experience. Retailers have inadvertently created complex and artificial boundaries because their operation is set up within separate channels – mainly store and online; and this can translate to unhelpful experiences for the customer. Stock housing is a key area where this can happen:

  • “We don’t do deliveries to home from this store.”
  • “You can’t return that product here, we don’t run that line.”
  • “Sorry, we can’t place your order for that in-store, you need to order online.”
  • “I wouldn’t trust the stock on the website, you should call the store.”

Multichannel and the new world of ‘Proximity Commerce’

Today’s customer wants to be able to buy anywhere, at any time and on his/her terms. Reply has coined a new term “Proximity Commerce” which seeks to encapsulate where retail is heading and describe how customers and technology are driving the agenda for retailers. Proximity Commerce will blur the boundaries for retailers in their multichannel world; but retailers must keep up with customer expectations if they are to succeed.

A ‘one stop shop’

Reply offers experienced and highly skilled consultants across all relevant disciplines (web, online, brand, retail, digital marketing, platforms and systems building); consultants who specialise in delivering totally integrated solutions for multichannel retailing. Reply is the ideal long-term partner for the development of eCommerce solutions, providing end-to-end business consulting, implementation and on-going support in multi-channel integration projects for some of the world’s largest retailers and eCommerce operators.

With the acquisition of Portaltech, a UK company specialising in multichannel eCommerce strategies and solutions, Reply has further strengthened its digital media position and multichannel eCommerce solutions. Portaltech is an acknowledged market leader in online retail and e-business, delivering specialist skills to a market that has one of the highest growth rates, and one in which the main retail players are currently investing heavily.

Portaltech Reply is totally focused on hybris technology; it incorporates multiple hybris delivery teams, a consulting practice focused on getting the best out of hybris technology and a professional services practice whose aim is to drive revenues and conversion improvement for its customers.

Whether companies are planning to re-platform a current site, looking to embrace the mobile channel, interested in international opportunities, or are just keen to ensure their eCommerce platform is robust enough for the future, Reply can help to achieve these goals.

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Success Cases

Iceland Food

Portaltech Reply provided Iceland Foods with a full end-to-end service, including software licensing, implementation, customisation and ongoing management of the platform.

hybris Solutions

eCommerce for Fashion

Portaltech Reply’s platform allows to launch and manage multiple sites with ease, reducing overall cost.

eCommerce for Horticulture

hybris platform provides a much more versatile, agile and reactive approach to ecommerce and trading for the business.

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