Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of hardware and software technologies used to exchange information between networked devices to automate mission-critical processes.

One of the biggest developments in coming years will be the increasing connectivity, not only of computers and devices, but of a huge range of physical objects; creating a network that’s more pervasive than ever and increasingly integrated with the everyday lives of your customers.

The IoT and the Internet of Services (IoS), together with cloud computing, are going to contribute more and more to redefining the concept of the network and how it is used. It will radically redefine how people interact with the world around them and will present opportunities for those companies able to take advantage of this new, interconnected environment.

Simply Connected

Reply’s research and development centre for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Services (IoS) has created HI Reply, a services, devices and middleware platform for vertical applications, which enables people, objects and services to communicate via the network.

Using configurable modules, HI Reply supplies all the elements necessary for the creation of secure, scalable and flexible vertical solutions based on the interaction and cooperation of connected objects. HI Reply offers a basis on which to develop new specific applications for vertical scenarios, as varied as info-mobility, advanced logistics, environmental safety, contactless payment and product track-and-trace.

Proximity Commerce

The next generation of a smart multi-channel commerce. Proximity Commerce is the vision of Reply of how purchases will be made in the future, with a solution that supports a personalized and innovative purchasing experience.

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