Social Networking & Collaboration

The increasing popularity of social networks is driving the development of new software methods and applications that emphasise sharing and collaboration. This is finding particular resonance with businesses.

Social Networking within and outside the Enterprise

Reply has identified the potential benefits to the enterprise of social networking and is targeting the world of business with specific solutions aimed at maximising client and stakeholder web participation (social engagement) and implementing the tools required to engage users and monitor discussion and interaction among user communities (social listening).

Reply’s offer is based on its proprietary platform TamTamy™ and uses a SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing delivery model.

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Focus on TamTamy™

Social Network Platform

TamTamy™ responds to companies’ ever-increasing requirements involving the facilitating and sharing of individual knowledge, collaboration and new forms of communication.

Enterprise Social Networks

Social Networking as a Service

TamTamy™ is a software solution for creating and developing Enterprise Social Networks and Communities.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Reply leverages the strengths of TamTamy™ and SharePoint Platforms.

Best Practice

Social Media in Financial Services

This report is based on a preliminary online survey conducted by Glue Reply across a range of UK-based financial services institutions from credit card companies, to banks and insurance companies. The objective is to cast light on the ‘state of thinking’ about social media in UK financial services.