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While business operating environments across industry have had to constantly reinvent themselves, the pace of that change has had to pick up dramatically to meet the needs of today’s business world. Possibly the most significant challenge facing every CIO is to ensure that IT is responding proactively to business change, while also driving technical innovation. This requires the appropriate Enterprise Architecture (EA) to be in place.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture delivers a blueprint for the organisation’s evolving business operating model, helping the CIO to ensure that the IT investment delivers benefit to the business. As a result, the company will be better positioned and better equipped to respond to business and environmental change.

Reply believes that EA development and management programmes need to be designed right from the outset as being incremental, iterative and aligned to accommodate the needs of companies that are in a state of continual evolution. The EA lifecycle must be supported by more than just a framework; it requires rigorous methods, process, reference points and experience. This will ensure consistent, coherent, repeatable outcomes with well defined transitions between the current position and the desired architectural ‘state’.

Reply provides a number of services to implement an EA, plus the processes, methods, tools and organisational skills required to extend and maintain it, so helping clients to achieve the following benefits:

  • Ensure maximum gain from IT investment;
  • Enable greater business agility;
  • Improve the responsiveness of IT to business;
  • Enable business to be requirements led;
  • Improve the quality of IT services;
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of IT, through efficient and more expedient use;
  • Improve standardisation, consistency and coherency across the organisation;
  • Reduce the delivery time of IT projects, through planned re-use;
  • Reduce the risk of project overruns and failure;
  • Expose architectural issues on projects and programmes earlier.

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Best Practice

Enterprise Architecture

    Board level executives are increasingly frustrated by an ever-increasing expenditure on IT. A root cause is that business and IT are not operating in alignment. Enterprise Architecture is particularly applicable within large or complex organisations.

  • Enterprise Architecture

Success Case

John Lewis
John Lewis

John Lewis chose Glue Reply to support them in identifying and implementing the new capabilities needed to support its growth strategy, following the newly defined roadmap.

Case Study

Networked Enabled Capability

UK Defence Equipment and Support rationalise the logistics business processes across Defence. Reply leverages its Enterprise Architecture Methodology and tooling to provide the framework and techniques the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) needs.